North Sails Discovery

North Sails Discovery

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  • 6 Base Shield Sunglass
  • Polarized
  • MIR-Nylon MIR-Bio Frame
  • Size 138-0-125
  • Large Fit

Crafted for adventure, exploration and when high levels of performance is required Discovery is a durable and comfort fit shield design made with premium MIR-BIO frame material. Offering a wide peripheral view and high mass velocity protection it is perfectly suited for more extreme sport activities. Ultra light, superior Nylon Interchangeable Polarized lenses eliminate glare, enhance color and improve definition.

Use Case

Ocean and Intra-Coastal Waters, Fishing, Cycling, Golf, Mountains, Sports Outdoors

Features & Benefits

UNSURPASSED VISUAL CLARITY AND PROTECTION with MIR-NYLON lenses: PERFECT optics, INCREDIBLE lightness and HIGH impact resistance providing exceptional clarity and eye relaxation. Pure optics, polarized and non-polarized Nylon lenses provide optics close to that of mineral and highest level of protection thus maximize performance.

OPTIMIZED LIGHT: MIR-POLARIZED lens technology eliminates glare in outdoor conditions where extensive and intense light bounces off smooth horizontal surfaces such as water, rocky terrain, icy roads and snow.

WATER AND OIL RESISTANT LENSES KEEP YOUR VIEW CLEAR: Hydro-oleophobic coating technology - Exterior and Interior lens coating repels water, moister from fog, dust, minimizes fingerprints and aids in lens cleaning.

PROTECTION FOR YOUR EYES AGAINST SOLAR RAYS: UV and HEV blue light filtration Lenses block 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun and distracting HEV blue light keeping your eyes protected, cool and relaxed. All of our lenses pass or exceed ANSI, EN ISO and AN /NZS marked requirements for UV protection.


MINIMIZE LIGHT, GLARE AND UV:  Our lenses are equipped with an optical quality ANTI-REFLECTIVE coating on the backside of the lens that minimizes light, glare and UV that often bounces from the backside of the lens directly into your eyes - this is known as bounce back glare.  Additionally, the AR coating can also reduce light, glare and UV that passes through the front of the lens so your eyes have additional solar protection.

PROTECTION AGAINST IMPACT: Meets industrial standard high mass and velocity impact ANSI, EN ISO and AN  safety standards.