In a world with finite resources, we can’t behave like it is inexhaustible.
Mirage opens the eyes on the environmental problems that are affecting our planet and thinks how to contribute to the protection and preservation of it.

We started investing in energy and resource efficient processes that contribute to a more sustainable use of limited sources and reduced environmental impact.

We continuous research and develop new sustainable and recycled materials for our eyewear and look for partners that share our values.

This is our great challenge that will lead great opportunities for us all.

The process of environmental impact reduction started 5 years ago with the first investments in technology and we continue adopting an iterative approach to achieve sustainability.

Here are some examples of what we have done so far:

- Solar panels system that allows us to self produce the 50% of the energy we need, while the energy we purchase comes 100% from renewable sources.

- Full electric van for transportation.

- 100% LED lights.

- Heating pumps for AC & heating system.

- Compressed air inverter.

- Filtered drinking water & water bottles provided to all the employees.

- 4 full electric injection machineries that allow us to save 98.7% of crude oil. Oil dynamic machinery: 230lt / Electric machinery 3lt

- Tumbling department with water recycling system that uses the same water for over 5 months.

“Economic growth is not what everything is based on - but an intact planet. “



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